Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new Campaign network just launch with a beneficial marketing model for all

AdKois was established with the publishers, advertisers, and consumers in mind. AdKois is an Advertisement Network that works on a new business model. Three audiences exist within the new model. First, Koiser: The people who are targeted by the advertisers. Second, Publishers: people who have a web site and desire revenue and growth from advertisements on the website. Third, Advertisers: the people who create and implement an advertising campaign.


  1. Which one better... google Adsense or this new one? I was just looking the simple and esier to acces... for now..Adsense still the best

  2. Hi Dea,

    Adsense is on it's way! But new model of online campaign, provided by AdKois, is different. Here viewer who click the ads, also can profited which is not present in Google adsense or any other online campaign marketing